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Spicy-Connected Relationships


Are you over meeting all the wrong people?
Are you ready for your forever partner?

Hi my name is Belinda, I warmly welcome you to B.Loved! Love is the best and worst thing that can happen to us, so let’s get equipped to deal with the worst so we can enjoy the best.  With all the different ways we can meet people these days, technology disconneting us, dealing with netflix and chill and plain laziness when it comes to love and dating, it is hard to feel connected, trust again or even be bothered with the whole dating scene at all. 

I am here to let you know that there is hope for genuine-connected love and it all starts here.  This isn’t about how to manipulate someone to love you,  Here you will uncover how to completely love yourself, remove the triggers causing the same patterns, handle rejection, understand the love languages, trust in love, attract the genuine love you deserve and maintain a healthy relationship.  Everyone wants to be loved everyday.


Why is it so hard to find love?

Where is the right one?

Interact with Belinda and others through an open and honest environment and discuss current topics relating to dating, love and relationships and uncover the answers to all your questions.


Uncover your love-blocks & understand love

The five pillars to The Love-Trust Cycle will uncover all that and put you on the right path to finding the love you deserve.


Truly loving yourself first, will not only set great foundations for a heart-soul connected relationship, you will maintain a long-term relationship, find the right partner for you, confidently walk away from the wrong partners, handle rejection, be happy and empowered regardless of societies incorrect evaluation of you for being single, you will feel free and happy to be yourself every day to attract genuine love. Here you’ll find information around Dating and Singles events to find love, courses and workshops and the inspiration you have been looking for.

You can learn more about what has inspired Belinda and how to apply her experiences to your life. With constant updates to our blog, this website will continue to provide fresh, new content that will inspire and support you through your journey to find and keep that special someone you deserve. Belinda is your best friend you talk to about your relationships, who will provide you with opportunities to sit down to discuss things in an open and honest manner.



Another success story!

When I first met Belinda I was immediately connected to her spirit and inspired by her actions. Belinda’s strength to acknowledge and move beyond her own challenging life experiences is only superseded by her willingness to share these experiences with others. Not only does Belinda share her knowledge, she also provides techniques and guidance for others to cope through challenging periods of their lives; or ideally, to avoid them altogether!

I was going through a personal growth period at the time I met Belinda and I honestly believe I was meant to meet her at this time of my life. Belinda’s honesty and unbiased thoughts helped provide me with courage to make a difficult decision. It was a realisation I already knew deep down, but wasn’t easy to admit it and I had been avoiding the decision for a long time. Belinda didn’t let me off the hook and pulled me up when I made excuses. I became accountable for my feelings and subsequently aware how they were affecting my actions.  Belinda also helped me through the roller coaster of feelings that followed such as loss, mourning, forgiveness. She helped me realise that these feelings were natural and they are easier to work through once you acknowledge them.

Belinda is patient, thought provoking and sincere; an amazing support for any personal, emotional, relationship, etc., difficulties you may go through, or even just to work on self realisations

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